Marble Dusting
What is Marble Dusting?

Marble Dusting is a pool surface on top of your gunite or shotcrete on a swimming pool. It is a bond-coat treated material that lasts for years and must be done by a professional. It protects the gunite or shotcrete, stops leaks, shows a pleasant design and gives various textures to your liking.

Why should I resurface my pool?

Extraordinary Outdoor Designs recommends resurfacing your swimming for safety, swimming pool longevity, and for cosmetic satisfaction.

Safety: Edges can become rough, cut people and animals, and can injure swimmers. Shards can fall into the pool and slice swimmers.

Pool Longevity: Protects the pool foundation from getting eroded with chemicals.

Cosmetic Satisfaction: Theres nothing better than having the perfect texture and look while swimming. It adds an entirely new image to your swimming pool and makes it feel like brand-new again! Some prefer a grip pool surface rather than a marble smooth surface.

How do I resurface my pool?

We often hear the question:

“How do I marble dust my own pool?”

We never recommend pool plastering your own pool. It can be dangerous, lengthy, and expensive. Hire a pool professional you can trust to get the job done right with the proper tools, trained staff, expertise, and cosmetic experience. We can help you choose from several styles, textures, and combinations to create that perfect look.

What are the benefits of Marble Dusting?

Long Island Marble Dusting and Pool Plastering is an extremely popular choice due to the fluctuating extreme weathers and erosional rain. The long seasons, landscape and soil can impact a marble dust and create:

  • Stains
  • Cracks
  • Sharp edges


✔ Variety of looks

✔ Variety of material choice

✔ New swimming pool look

✔ No more sharp edges

✔ Guarantees

Why use Extraordinary Outdoor Design?

Pools age over time with chemicals and the plaster shell can weaken. Marble dusting can be done by many professionals, but why hire a company that will sub-out the work? Cut out the facilitator and come straight to Extraordinary Outdoor Design. We don’t just do it for the paycheck; Marble dusting is our specialty. We take pride in our customer satisfaction!

We use a special bond coat mix that is purchased. We are against home-brew bond coats that don’t provide longevity and use quality materials. Owner Jared Schaefer is involved in each and every job to make sure quality assurance goes as expected. We are licensed and insured with several years of experience.

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Check out these sample colors to choose from


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Your marble dust mix can be dyed by using colorants added to your mix. Choose from a variety of colors first.

Think about what would match or if you want to choose a new contrasting color!

NOTE: Colors may not be uniform and can vary in hue. This is normal and over time a white haze can appear in plaster colors other than white.

Quartzite is a compound of ceramic coated and colored sand chips. Add it to your plaster mix for a stunning look and durability. Extends the life of your marbledust, is tougher than marble, and more resistant to chemical erosion.

PebbleTec which is like Quartzite; except bigger gravel pea-sized pebbles from a river. Without staining, it’s exposed material brings a smoother touch and feel to the feet and hands. It is not as sharp as quartzite and gives a contrasting look.